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What is Magaziny.net?

Magaziny.net is the biggest guide in the shopping world. This resource is intended for those who like shopping online, so it will tell them about online stores they have never met before, and it will also teach the basics of distant shopping to those who are only beginning to shop on the Web.

The portal introduces a catalogue, the biggest one in the Russian sector of the Internet, of online stores from Germany, the USA, China and Great Britain. Some of them provide delivery to Russia, and others don't. At the portal you can select a reliable agent to shop from the stores that do not deliver their products to Russia. To do so, you have to select the country you would like to shop from in the dedicated section of the website and learn the information about the available agents.

The intuitive navigation helps you find the required shop without any extra efforts, basing on the countries and sections listed alphabetically on the main page.

The portal presents reviews of the most popular online stores, with step-by-step instructions in Russian on how to register, to make an order, to pay, and to get your goods delivered. New stores and new reviews are available on the right-hand side of the main page.

The portal offers unlimited opportunities for exchanging experience with other stores. You can leave your opinion on a certain store or ask your questions to other users about working with the stores you like.

Wish to shop with the maximum profit?

The portal publishes regular news on the hottest sales currently held by different online stores, as well as coupons selected with enthusiasm by the Shopopoisk team for your opportunity to shop with the maximum profit!

Important info for advertisers!

Magaziny.net is a mecca for every shopper wishing to know where the most advantageous offers are being made and where the most fashionable and extraordinary goods can be found.

The portal catalogue consists of more than 2,500 different online stores. 45,000 people visit Shopopoisk every month. They are your potential customers searching for your products. Let them know you! Don't let them choose your competitors' products just because they didn't timely receive the necessary information.

What can we offer you?

You can have a review of your store published on our portal!

Our professional team will process the available information about your resource and create a captivating visual and text message that is going to be as persuasive as possible!

The review of your store will appear on the main page of the portal right away!

How can you benefit from it?

Every month 45,000 visitors of our portal will learn about your online store. They are interested users who trust and follow the recommendations provided by Shopopoisk. That means your advertisements will surely hit the mark!

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does," – you've heard that, haven't you? But for some reason, there are still those who prefer to save right on the things that bring them profit!

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Advertising on Magaziny.net means investing in your business! We only work with the target audience!

Every single buck you invest in advertising will work for you with the maximum efficiency!